Sunday, 15 April 2012

4th April 2012's already 14th April and i'm now posting the post that I supposed to do so on the 4th of April....
  Well, today is the last day for our midsem break and honestly i'm still in holiday mood...:(
okay!back to our topic...the class during 4th of April is our last telecommunication and networking class before midsem break. time really flies
No doubt, I learnt new information and knowledge about networking before our midsem break.

Basically, computer network is classified into 3 categories that are topology, protocol and architecture.

Topology is the study of arrangement or mapping of the elements (links, nodes etc) of a network, especially the physical and logical interconnections between nodes.
·         Physical Topology (LAN)
The physical layout of devices on a network and how they communicate with each other.

·         Logical Topology (LAN)
·        The mappig of the flow of data between the nodes in the network determines the logical topology of the network.

    Types of Physical Topology:
    Linear Bus Topology

    What is Protocol?
    A set of rules that governs the communications between computers on a network.
    These rules include guidelines that regulate the following characteristics of a network such as:
               - access method
               - allowed physical topologies
               - types of cabling
               - speed of data transfer
    There are protocols for Ethernet, Localtalk, Token Ring and FDDI.

    Here by, i would like to share a video that explains about what network architecture is~ <3

    love Alison

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