Wednesday, 29 February 2012

29th Feb 2012

I guess..
This is the first time I write a blog (blush)...
I might never write a blog if my lecturer din ask us to create our own blog to write some reflections in it...(thought's speaking)hehehe..
Hmmmm...It's quite special to write my first blog post on the 29th Feb, after all I have to wait for another 4 years to meet up 29/02 again T.T
Well, we have our second networking and telecommunication class today and I personally love Dr. Dayang's sense of humor (laugh)

Anyway back to our topic, today we learnt something new about the 'Introduction to Telecommunications', that it explains and defines the word 'telecommunication'. Besides that, we also get to know about Communication Model and the Elements of Computer & Communication.

Owhhh.. Before I forgot, Dr. Dayang had also explain the format of how we should create our own blog and the format of Group Project about the critical analysis report of networking setup of a school @ organisation.

Hope that we'll do well in this course and of course GANBATTE KUDASAI everyone!!!! (finger crossed)

Love, Alison


  1. Your blog is sooooo CUTE! The maple leaves that slowly falling down, feels like autumn HAHA. It's so sweet ^_^

  2. hahaha.. join you finger crossing ^^

  3. Owh.....pinky and cute blog......