Wednesday, 7 March 2012

7th March 2012

Time really flies and it's already another brand new week to post our reflections~
Well, before we began our class this morning, we had a shock that Dr. Dayang announced that we should start our class presentation by today and this really frightened me up (although i'm in the last group =p).

Well, since all of us didn't prepare anything and everyone was in the confusing mode on, we were given another 1 week to prepare the presentation (hoooray!!!).


Okay, back to our topic, in today's lesson, we got to know what actually DATA COMMUNICATION is.

Well, Data Communication is the collection and distribution of the electronic representation of information from and to remote facilities by means of electrical transmission system such as telephone lines, satellites or coaxial cable.

Computers nowadays play an important role in life that it's a must for everyone to have their own computer or laptop. Computers are now used in every walk of life either at home, schools, and universities.

Besides that, we also learnt about the types of signals which are the info typed data that needs to be converted into signals. There are 2 types of signal and they are:

Moreover, we also learnt about what is Binary Digital, Synchronous Transmission, Asynchronous Transmission, Data FLOW, Simplex, Half-Duplex, Full Duplex, and lastly of course Multiplexing.

Among all of these sub-topic, I personally get more interested with the Half-Duplex that although it can deliver messages in 2 directions but NEVER at the same time!!!! One of the most representative example is Walkie-Talkie~


Lastly, I would like to present....
A video that talks about the comparisons between Full Duplex and Half-Duplex......
Hope you enjoy the show~~


Love, Alison

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